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Walczak Floors

A perfect floor is a combination of naturally beautiful wood and modern technology.

Walczak Floors implement original methods in wood processing, supported by protection certificates from Polish Patent Office.

Unique technology allows us to produce solid wood boards with lengthwise and transversal notches. And at the same time retain their technical and aesthetic properties.

Thanks to those notches, boards are more elastic which allows precise assembly and guarantees floor stability throughout time.

All this, together with original drying techniques and wood processing technologies, enabled us to eliminate about half of the forces responsible for the change a wooden board must go through due to humidity and temperature changes.

Production technique developed by our company is a result of many years of experience in shaping optimal wood properties, so that it can later transform into a perfect wooden floor.

We use ash and oak wood to produce our floorboards. Both of these species are known for their exceptional hardness, durability and high wear resistance. Thanks to those qualities oak and ash floors will last for few generations. Timeless beauty of wood, together with a rich color palette create a wooden floor that matches perfectly with every type of interior.

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