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Our company offers professional floor installation country wide, together with all the necessary chemical components.


What are the requirements for installing wooden floors?

You must fulfill 3 conditions before installing wooden floors: concrete substrate moisture content should be at maximum 2% (antyhryde max.0,5%, wooden max.13%), air humidity 50-60%, air temperature 18-25 °C.


Can you install wooden floors in bathrooms and kitchens?

Wooden floors can be installed everywhere, but you should always take into consideration the type of floor that will be adequate to the purpose of the room. Bathrooms and kitchens are places intensively used. Especially kitchen floors are exposed to water and domestic chemicals. So it would be best to use a high wear-resistant varnish in the kitchen. Bathroom is a place where it would be best to use oil or hard wax oil to finish off the floor, because they prevent the wood from absorbing water.


Can wooden floors be installed on already existing floors, waterproof OSB or particle boards?

First of all we don’t recommend particle boards which due to it’s hygroscopic characteristics are not a good foundation for a wooden floor. It’s also not recommended to install a floor on already existing floor boards, however after using waterproof OSB of a specific thickness there is such a possibility. OSB plate is to ensure that there is a proper weight balance to stabilize and strengthen the substrate. According to the floor condition we use appropriate board thickness. Next we carefully screw the plate to the already existing floor with screws, making sure the plates lie evenly on the whole surface. After screwing it we sand the plates, especially on joints, which will even the surface and give better adhesion of the glue.


Do wooden floors and underfloor heating work together?

Underfloor heating doesn’t eliminate wooden floor installation. However floor installation is a long process which requires help from an experienced professional floor contractor. When it comes to underfloor heating, it’s recommended that 3 weeks before floor installation you need to apply “de-watering” which means evaporating the water contained in the surface.

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